Our Story

Carlos marin designer

Ever since I was a child, I have had an eye for detail and creativity, but not until late 2000 in my home town of Cabimas, Venezuela did I find my true passion for floral arrangement designing. The different colors and styles of flowers is what always drew my attention towards them. What started as a personal hobby, making floral arrangements is what I would become known for years later. I started making floral arrangements for my own home, then for friends and family. In early 2001, I was given the opportunity to showcase my trade for a very upscale wedding.

Shortly after, I found myself working many social events not only in my home town, but all over Venezuela. In 2015 I arrived Miami, FL I once again I had to prove to others my abilities and passion. Through friends and other industry professionals, I was able to work alongside well-known designers and florists on different types of events. I quickly learned what trends the local clientele was looking for and started to focus my attention on that. As trends continue to change nearly every day, I am excited to see what my next venture would be!

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