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Shipping & Care


Hand Delivery Miami Dade County. Cost $24.99

The area served by our Courier service includes within the state of Florida specifically Miami Dade County.  Please note that you must specify on the calendar the date required for the service.

Hand Delivery Broward County. Cost $35. Only for deliveries with advance purchases. Orders from $180.

Products with Hand Delivery.

All our products can be delivered by hand only in Miami Dade and Broward Counties

Same Day Delivery. Cost $24.99

We offer same day delivery in Miami Dade County. The urgent delivery on the same day depends on our current order volume and the availability of it when placing an order before 4 pm. If the address is in our manual delivery area.

Gift Baskets. 

Shipping within the USA. 

Delivery available between 2 to 5 business days.

Us Shipping

Moss Designs  - Candles -  Preserved Roses Arrangement - Plants Shipping

Our  Moss - Candles - Preserved Roses Arrangement - Plants ship either via FedEx. We do not ship to PO boxes.

Products Us Shipping

We only send FedEx the, Candles, Preserved Roses and Moss Designs nationwide.

Plants: Sanseveria. Money Tree. Kokedama. ZZ- Plants. Pony Tail. Starghorn Fern. Bonsai.

Choose your Delivery Date

When ordering all arrangements other that (Hanging glass preserved roses), we allow you to choose the specific date you’d like your order to be delivered on, please note that while it is rare, courier at times will deliver a package a day early if the shipment was sped up through their system.

Look for our delivery date picker as the last step when you design your own box. Or look for the delivery date picker on a pre-arrangement product.

Also consider the days of transit until it reaches your destination depends on your location.


Standard Shipping

Consider that the delivery is 3 to 5 days. Costs between $45 to $60 depending on the size of the box.

Plants Shipping

If you chose delivery date cannot be accommodated with Standard Shipping, then you have the option of choosing an express shipping option. You will see a specific shipping price for the days covered by express shipping.  (2 - 5 days delivery.Costs between $45 to $60 depending on the size of the box.)


Additional Information & Fraud Verification

Some orders may require additional processing time in the case of order or identity verification. Since we use a Third-Party Verification System, we must wait until clearance is received before dispatching an order that had been flagged. Our team will notify the customer whose order gets flagged via email.


Package Tracking

We will send an email notification including tracking information when your package has shipped.


Delivery Insurance

All orders shipped both domestically come with package insurance.


Any questions about Shipping?

If you have any question about your order, contact the CARLOS MARIN DESIGNER Customer Service Team:  Everyday  9am to 6pm EST

Email: or Phone: 305-519-6038




How to care for your Preserved Roses.

DON’T water the roses.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Keep the arrangement in a room-temperature environment.

If dust collects after a few months, remove it lightly using a duster.

DON’T place anything into the roses as they can crush and damage the roses.

DON’T remove the roses from the box; they are secure and happy there.  They lid is meant to stay on the side or bottom of the box. Be mindful when carrying the arrangement; it’s a very delicate product.


They don't need maintenance because they are roses made of foam.


They are long-lasting, and their maintenance is very simple. Little water every fifteen days (1/2 oz). Apply the water in the sand. All Terrariums need this partial natural light.


Add enough water into the container or base then place the kOKEDAMA and let it absorb the water.

Put water 1 or 2 times per week

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

DON’T place them outdoors. The kokedamas are arrangements to decorate any room


ZZ-plants / Ficus Lyrata / Pony Tail / Money Tree

Put water 1 or 2 times per week

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

DON’T place them outdoors. All our plants are to be placed and decorated inside any room.


Periodically check the humidity level of the plant by touching the base of the plant. When it is dry, remove the wood from the wall and take it to the kitchen sink to apply water. Be sure to water the plant from all sides. The moss on the back of the plant must absorb water. Let it drip for 15 minutes and hang it on the wall. Recommended to water 2 times per week as needed. Don’t place it in direct sunlight.





Burn within sight. keep away from things that catch fire. Keep away from drafts, children and pets. Only burn in a suitable container. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

Celebrate any occasion with a floral arrangement like this. Express love and enjoy the smile of your loved one when you receive these flowers.

Size: Large Arrangement. L-20" x H-12" approx.

In some cases, the photo shown may represent a theme or general appearance and include a unique vase that can not be accurately replicated. Although the actual bouquet may not exactly match the photo, your temperament will. Occasionally, substitutions of flowers occur due to weather, seasonality, and marked conditions that may affect availability. If this is the case with the gift you have selected, the company Carlos Marin Designer will ensure that the style, theme and color scheme of your arrangement is preserved and will only replace elements of equal or greater value.


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